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  • Apr

    Almond Butter Blondies With Date Caramel

    Almond Blondies

    Need a quick and easy on the go snack for you and the kids? Cue our NL Almond Butter Blondies with Date Caramel. Made with simple ingredients such as almond flour, almond butter, eggs and coconut milk and no refined sugar! They are a perfect alternative to a store bought power bar. I …

  • Apr

    Nourishing Lab Brothicle


    I know you have heard about the healing benefits of bone broth. I have taken it to another level and turned it into a warm weather treat that your kids will love or the kid in you will love. It beats the high sugar choices that you find at the grocery store. You're kids will never know that t…

  • Mar

    Golden Goddess Smoothie


    Do you want to make a next level smoothie? A smoothie that will provide enough protein, fiber, and antioxidants to get you through your morning? You don’t want just any smoothie… You want one that tastes like the ones you buy at Cocobeet or your favorite health food store. Often times, t…

  • Mar

    NL Chocolate Protein Donuts

    chocolate donuts

    Who knew something this delicious could be healthy? By using ingredients like almond flour and natural sugars, as well as flax seed and protein powder, you can make a tasty sweet treat without give your body the sugar-shock that other donuts bring with them. This recipe makes enough to shar…