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  • Apr

    NL Healthy Fried Rice Bowls

    healthy fried rice bowls

    This meal packs so much goodness into one bowl! From nutrient dense eggs to anti-inflammatory ginger and garlic, this rice bowl recipe gives you all the deliciousness of fried rice - without actually frying! By focusing on healthy oils, veggies, and a few key flavors, this dish is heart health…

  • Apr

    NL Roasted Vegetables with Tahini Dressing

    roasted vegetables

    A healthy, savory treat full of glorious greens, this roasted veggie recipe includes serving on a bed of vitamin-rich arugula, and of course, tahini sauce - rich in healthy fats! Roasting the veggies won't take much time, resulting in a delicious, nutritious meal that will have your taste buds…

  • Apr

    NL Lentil Bolognese

    lentil bolognese

    A relatively simple dish to make, but it packs plenty of flavor! The lentils, garlic, and onions (as well as the other ingredients) are all loaded with nutrients, and boost heart health. The rice pasta is a great source of fiber, and far healthier than other pasta alternatives. This is…

  • Mar

    Beet Burgers With Almond Flax Buns

    beet burgers

    You might be a little skeptical of a beet burger, but these delicious, healthful, and totally homemade "burgers" will give you and your family a unique, savory meal, without all the risks of red meat and bleached flour. It takes some preparation, but the final result is well worth the…